I know this wiki is new but i need admins!If you want to be an admin this is what you have to do:

All people wanting to be admins have to have at least 100 edits on here.(Not talking about comments.)Actual edits by posting pictures,editing,adding pages,etc.

100 or more edits that are relevant.

Been here for 1 or more week(s).

Can help at least 3 days a week.

Can help monitor the chat.

Younger than 19 years of age.

I'm looking for 4-6 admins for this wiki!

Here is what you have to fill out:(Send this to me on my message wall!)

Name:(Your Username)

Indroduction:(Tell me about yourself!Why do you want to become an admin?You don't have to act all professional,this is about YOU!

Work Ethic:(How do you work with others?How do you work?)

Specialty/Skills:(What can you do?What can you do best?Tell me what all the kinds of skills you have!Don't be afraid to tell me!)

Admin Experience:(Have you been an admin for any other wiki(s)?If so,for how long?What did you do?How did you help out?)

Reccomendations:(Ask any user if they can make a reccomendation for you.It can be a friend,a co-admin from another wiki,i don't care!They have to send the recommendation on my message wall(telling me who the reccomendation is for).You can't write down the reccomendation from your friend/whoever along with your application,because you might have just made that up.)

Other:(What can you bring for this wiki?What is your goal?)

  • THAT'S IT*

Out of the applications sumbitted,i will choose the best users to be interviewed in the chat.These applications will be due on APRIL 1st at 7:00 PM CENTRAL TIME.I can't wait to see your applications!Send your applications here.